Number Title Crosslistings
CMAC 564S Physical Computing ARTSVIS 564S, ISS 555S
CMAC 580S Historical and Cultural Visualization Proseminar 1 ARTHIST 580S, ISS 580S
CMAC 581S Historical and Cultural Visualization Proseminar 2 ARTHIST 581S, ISS 581S
CMAC 650S Computational Media, Arts & Cultures Proseminar ISS 650S, LIT 621S, ARTHIST 537S, VMS 561S
ISS 535 Chinese Media and Pop Culture AMES 535
ISS 540S Technology and New Media: Academic Practice ARTHIST 536S, VMS 562S
ISS 544L Introduction to Digital Archaeology CLST 544L, ARTHIST 547L
ISS 551SL Advanced Digital Art History: New Representational Technologies ARTHIST 551SL
ISS 552 Creative Industries and the Urban Environment VMS 542
ISS 560S Digital Humanities: Theory and Practice VMS 550S
ISS 565S New Media, Memory, and the Visual Archive VMS 565S
ISS 575S Generative Media Authorship — Music, Text & Image ARTSVIS 575S, AMI 575S, MUSIC 575S
ISS 590S Special Topics in Information Science + Studies
ISS 591 Independent Study
ISS 592 Independent Study
ISS 615S Comparative Media Studies LIT 625S, VMS 625S
ISS 624S Post-Digital Architecture LIT 624S
ISS 630S Phenomenology and Media LIT 630S, ARTHIST 630S, VMS 630S, AMI 631S
ISS 632S Whitehead, Bergson, James LIT 632S, ARTHIST 632S, VMS 632S, AMI 632S
ISS 640 The History and Future of Higher Education
ISS 660S Digital Places and Spaces: Mirror, Hybrid, and Virtual Worlds VMS 660S
ISS 662S Mapping Culture: Geographies of Space, Mind, and Power VMS 662S
ISS 666S (Neosentience) Body as Electrochemical Computer ARTSVIS 510S, AMI 622S
ISS 670 Body Works: Medicine, Technology, and the Body in Early Twenty-First Century America LIT 623, PHIL 570
ISS 680S Information Archeology: Studies in the Nature of Information and Artifact in the Digital Environment ARTHIST 542S, VMS 569S
ISS 691 Independent Study
ISS 695T Advanced Tutorial — Information Science + Studies
CMAC 715 Historical Geographic Information Systems (GIS) ISS 715, ARTHIST 714
CMAC 720S Programming and User Interface Design in Unity 3D ISS 720S
CMAC 756S Media, Arts & Cultures Research Practicum VMS 756S, HCVIS 756S, ISS 756S
CMAC 758S Bass Connections: Digital Durham ISS 758S, EDUC 758S
CMAC 791 Individual Research Independent Study
CMAC 792 Individual Research Independent Study
ISS 791 Individual Research in Information Science + Information Studies
ISS 793L Independent Research in Digital Knowledge
ISS 795 Connections in Information, Society and Culture: Project
ISS 890S Special Topics in ISS