The CMAC PhD program is not accepting applications for Fall 2024

For more information about the application process please visit The Graduate School website admissions page. Applications to the program are read by members of the CMAC graduate faculty. Offers of admission are made to outstanding applicants by the Graduate School based on CMAC graduate faculty recommendations. Offers of admission are NOT considered official unless given by the Graduate School.

CMAC requires the submission of a writing sample of 10-20 pages and a design/production portfolio. The writing sample should be a copy of a scholarly essay submitted as an academic requirement. The writing sample should be uploaded in the “writing sample” section of the application and should not exceed 20 pages double-spaced. The portfolio should illustrate your knowledge and skill in computational media and/or the arts – theory, implementation, and practice. Please include the URL to your portfolio in your application materials and on your CV. You may also include related items under Additional Materials.

Prospective students must have distinguished undergraduate academic records and demonstrated ability to work independently, often across disciplinary bounds. Prospective students are strongly recommended to research the faculty involved in the program, and to think about how they might best take advantage of the range of Duke’s opportunities during their time here, including those that they might make themselves through outreach to relevant faculty and programs.

It is highly recommended that students acquire the necessary language and computational skills for their research before they begin their graduate work. Students are required to demonstrate their abilities in these areas as determined by their faculty advisors; exams must be passed in human and machine languages before taking the preliminary examinations. GRE scores must be submitted (update: optional in 2020 and 2021); foreign students must have minimum TOEFL scores of 90.