Below 500 Level Courses for Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in courses offered below the 500 level have a few options.

1) Many practice courses offered in AAHVS and other programs do have a limited number of graduate seats associated with them. These will be small courses at the 700 level with similar titles to the undergraduate courses in question. These seats have modified courseswork expectations for enrolled graduate students, but meet at the same time as the undergraduate course counterparts. Check Dukehub and/or talk to the relevant faculty about these options.

2) Graduate students may enroll in <500 courses for enrichment of their programs, either on a graded or an audit basis. The Graduate School maintains a form to request this option. See the Graduate Schools policies and forms page to get the latest version of this form.

3) A graduate student may also wish to approach a graduate faculty member about an independent study focused on subject matter that relates to the subject matter in a course. Because independent studies are time-intensive and organized on top of the regular teaching load, this option is best in cases where the student has an existing relationship to a faculty member (such as a thesis or exam committee member), and has also already exhausted relevant course options. Independent studies may also be associated with Labs and Practicum Experiences.