Teaching, Grading and Research Assistantships

CMAC requires students to perform service as a TA, GA, or RA for one semester out of every year in residence. First year students begin their service requirement by serve as grader in their second semester students will. Beyond the first year, students are assigned to be a teaching assistant (TA), graduate assistant (GA), or research assistant (RA) as needed in CMAC and affiliated departments and programs. The average number of hours for the required service is 6 hours per week for graders (first-year students) and 12 hours per week for TAs (Years 2 through 5).  The Graduate School determines the pay rate for graders and TAs, while the pay rate for GAs is set by the CMAC Program. 

The CMAC Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), cooperating with the Directors of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in related departments and programs, is responsible for the distribution of available teaching slots for TAs and first-year graders. We try, as much as possible, to match students’ interests with the courses available. Students beyond their first year who have special teaching needs or wishes should consult the DGS at the earliest opportunity.