Our Graduate Program offerings include a PhD in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures, an MA in Digital Art History/Computational Media, and - through the Information Science + Studies (ISS) Program - a graduate certificate.

PhD Program in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures

The doctoral program is meant to be small, experimental, and interdisciplinary. Its focus is on the intersection of media arts and humanities, sciences, and technology, both in theory and in practice. Critical engagement with the global, social and cultural impact of computational media is a central feature and value of the program, alongside media affordances and effects within existing and emerging fields.

Master's Program in Digital Art History/Computational Media

Our Master's program is designed for graduate students focused on the study, creation, and use of digital media and computation in the arts and humanities. The goals of the MA program are for students to understand the critical affordances and potential of digital media, to develop competencies in data-driven and computational approaches to knowledge production, and to develop a hybrid theory-practice MA thesis that demonstrates their expertise in action around a particular subject.

Graduate Certificate in Information Science + Studies

The ISS graduate certificate is designed for master’s and doctoral students wishing to complement their primary disciplinary focus with an interdisciplinary certificate in computational media, arts and cultures; digital humanities and information studies; and related topics. It includes theory, practice, and project-based requirements.