Committees for MA Thesis and Thesis Defense

Every incoming student is required to identify a main advisor and select a chair of their MA committee at the beginning of the spring semester of their first year in residence, and preferably earlier. Until the main advisor is selected, the DGS serves as the advisor. The student and their chair will jointly file the names of the thesis committee with the DGS and Graduate School no later than February of the first year. Per Graduate School guidelines, committees must be a minimum of three members of the graduate faculty, there must always be at least two members from the CMAC faculty, and one Minor Area Representative (MAR) on the student’s committee. The committee approval form must be approved by the Graduate School at least 30 days prior to the first day of the thesis exam. A majority of the committee must be physically present with the student for the examination, the chair MUST always be physically present for the examination, unless otherwise informed by the Graduate School.